The Business Mind of Pranav Arora: Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Philanthropist


Pranav Arora has a unique influence in the business, entertainment, and financial sectors with his expertise, zeal, enthusiasm, and depth of knowledge. He has a successful track record as a venture capitalist, investor, and serial entrepreneur. 

Pranav started his first firm at the age of 16 and, over the next few years, grew it into a million-dollar enterprise. This would serve as the model for each of his upcoming endeavors.

Pranav Arora: From Humble Beginnings

Raj Arora and Shivani Arora welcomed their first child, Arora, on August 2, 1995, in Wooster, Ohio. His parents ran their own business while he was a child, and he was constantly motivated and inspired by them. 

Pranav has demonstrated from a young age that he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. By founding his first million-dollar business at the age of 16, he has shown that he possesses the aspiration, zeal, and shrewd skill set required to succeed in the economic world.

Arora graduated from Wooster High School in 2013 as a class member. After graduating from high school, he studied for a semester at Akron University. However, he eventually stopped attending university entirely to start his own company, Highly Educated.

Pranav Arora: A Natural Leader And Entrepreneur

When Arora was 16 years old, he helped his family grow their company, Just Funky. Thanks to Pranav’s leadership, Just Funky experienced rapid expansion unlike ever before. Pranav still oversees the company’s B2B and B2C marketing and sales as the Head of the Division at Just Funky. He also founded Stunned Mind, which is the sister eCommerce company to Just Funky. Stunned Mind sells pop culture merchandise directly to customers.

Pranav Arora leads a number of other companies and helps a lot of startups, including:

Just Funky, Head Of Division

Pranav is the Head of Division at Just Funky, a family-run business specializing in creating private labels and licensed goods for the mass-market retail sector. Drinkware, impulsive and novelty purchases, home furnishings, and clothing are just a few of their specialty areas.

Just Funky has over 20,000 independent retail companies they’ve partnered with across the United States and, more lately, the European Union. Their goods can be purchased at many well-known stores, such as Spencer’s, Hot Topic, Gamestop, and Hot Topic. They maintain offices in London, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Columbus, and more.

JMTD Holdings, CEO 

JMTD Holdings, a private equity company led by Pranav Arora, provides financing and value-added partnerships to top-tier, sector-leading businesses. 

JMTD Holdings collaborates closely with its clients’ marketing, research, and finance departments to develop and carry out effective growth strategies that increase company profitability and competitiveness. Pranav creates funding methods and plans for client acquisition using his acute skill set and business acumen.

Arora Foundation, Founder

Outside of his work, Pranav is a dedicated philanthropist who donates to several causes close to his heart, such as supporting educational initiatives and providing aid to underprivileged children. 

The Arora Foundation, whose goal is to give disadvantaged and marginalized populations access to educational opportunities and resources, is led by Pranav Arora as chairman of the board.

No matter their demographic background, Pranav feels every child deserves the chance to pursue their academic ambitions.

Pranav also serves as Vice President and board chairman for The Just Funky Foundation. This non-profit organization has won numerous awards and is dedicated to providing opportunities for kids worldwide.

Other Notable Partnerships

As a proud member of several organizations, Pranav is a proud member of the Asian Indian Alliance, the American Marketing Association, the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association, and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

Pranav Arora also works with NFT Merch, which supports businesses in developing engaging digital experiences for their physical products, and Decipher-AR, which helps consumers interact with their favorite companies and helps brands bring their merchandise to life. 

Additionally, Pranav Arora holds a Partner position at several businesses, including PSSR Holdings and ILG Property Investors. Prior to that, he worked as a salesperson for Funky People and served as the founder and CEO of Highly Educated.

Pranav Arora: A Philanthropist, A Man Of The People

Pranav is a committed philanthropist who supports initiatives promoting kids’ well-being and education. He presently holds a position on the prestigious nonprofit Just Funky Foundation’s board of directors. Through the Just Funky Foundation, Arora most recently gave a kind donation of $20,000 to his high school alma mater, Wooster High School. This non-profit, recipient of numerous awards, is committed to assisting numerous individuals within and around Ohio. The Foundation’s President is Sahil Arora, Pranav’s younger brother, who continues to serve as Vice-President. Benefits include scholastic advantages, among many others.

Arora also serves on the board of the Arora Foundation, which offers resources and educational opportunities to underprivileged and marginalized populations.



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